Why were my domains rejected?

Brandpa receive thousands of domains every week, and only approve around 10% of them.

Just because we rejected your domain, it doesn’t mean we think your domain isn’t worth something – chances are, it’s just not a good fit for our marketplace.

These are some of the main reasons:

  1. We limit the number of domains we accept so that we have manpower to list them. For example, if we accepted 30% of 2,500 domains a week, we’d have to design 750 logos a week.
  2. We almost never accept domains that we think might sell for under $2,000, as our business model doesn’t make sense below that (we make our living from commission, and that has to cover the cost of listing).
  3. We prioritise quality over quantity. Our marketplace is smaller than others, but we aim for it to have a much higher standard of listing, as we believe that makes a better experience for the buyer.

We wish all our sellers the best in selling your domains elsewhere.