What do I get when I buy a domain?

When you buy, we guarantee that full ownership of the domain name will be transferred to you for the fixed price that you pay. If this is not possible for any reason, you will be fully refunded.

Your purchase includes:


We assign a dedicated professional to work with you and manage the transfer process, securely via escrow. After payment has cleared, you will receive complete ownership of the domain name.


You also receive the logo for the domain. The logo is provided as a series of digital files, including PNG and either EPS or Adobe Illustrator files. Assets are provided in RGB, not CMYK.

Once the purchase is complete, complete ownership of the logo copyright is transferred to you.


Some domains may be bundled with additional domains, social accounts, or additional design assets. If specified on the page listing the domain, they are included with your purchase.

What is not included

We don’t include trademark registrations, as they simply aren’t possible.

For example, many countries don’t allow you to own a trademark for something you aren’t actually using; and nearly all countries require that a trademark is specified for a specific industry or sector. A blanket global trademark to cover absolutely anything does not exist.