Violations of seller’s terms

Brandpa can remove domain names from their marketplace due to violation of the seller’s terms.

If any violations are not corrected within 7 days, Brandpa will permanently remove those domains, at which point they cannot be re-listed.

These are the most common violations and what to do about them:

Selling elsewhere

To sell on Brandpa, you agree not to offer or sell your domain for sale elsewhere, such as a rival marketplace, auction, forum, etc.

Please note: some registrars may put the domains you host with them on sale without your knowledge. If this happens, Brandpa will temporarily take your names off our marketplace. After you remove your names from sale on their platforms, it shouldn’t take more than 7 days for it to take action. To re-list your names with us, notify us via email.

If, however, you personally try to sell your names elsewhere, the 7-day period will not apply. Your names will be deleted from Brandpa regardless of whether they were sold or not. If you sell your names, the new owner will have to wait 30 days before submitting the names to Brandpa, email us if they wanted to do so and pay the $5 listing fee per name.

If you remove your names from the other platform – but not sell them – you will still need to wait 30 days before having them re-listed. You’ll also need to cover a $5 listing fee per name.

When the above occurs, you’ll also be risking being permanently removed from the Brandpa marketplace as a seller.

Publicly offering transfers

This is closely related to the above. We allow sellers to transfer domains to each other, but if you do so, you must follow our rules on how to advertise this.

To relist, remove any offending information and notify us via email.

Trademark violation or typosquatting

We do not sell domains that we believe are offered in bad faith, for example, domains which clearly infringe a trademark or which are a misspelled version of a popular domain name (so called “typosquatting”).

Although we check for this during the appraisal process, if a trademark violation is brought to light after we list a domain, we will remove it.

If you wish to appeal this decision, notify us via email.