Rules when offering domains for transfer

Brandpa allows sellers to transfer domains to each other. However there is a special rule to be aware of, to avoid having your domains removed from our marketplace:

Do not publicly advertise alternative pricing

Many sellers will make the mistake of listing their domain names for transfer on NamePros, their blogs, or other public websites. Something like:

My domain is listed for sale on Brandpa for $5,000.
I’ll transfer it to you for $1,000.

These announcements are visible to search engines, and can be found by anyone Googling for that particular domain name. In our experience, most buyers will do this before making a purchase.

If you advertise your domain for a different price, you are making a sale on Brandpa vastly less likely. This harms you, any future owner and Brandpa. It is in direct violation of our terms, and will result in your domains being removed. Once removed, you will not be able to transfer or re-register them on Brandpa.

What we do allow

  • Any transfers you offer privately are your own business; on Slack, via email, in private conversations.
  • You can list your names for sale on NamePros or other forums, as long as you have them removed from Brandpa first. If your names are not removed before having them listed elsewhere, you’ll be violating our rules.

Consequences of violation

We will remove any offending domains from our marketplace immediately, at which point they cannot be transferred to anyone. If the violation is not corrected within 7 days, we will permanently remove those domains from Brandpa, at which point they cannot be re-listed.

We also reserve the right to ban sellers who abuse these terms.