How much is my domain name worth?

If you want a fixed valuation for your domains, you must submit them to Brandpa via a free Seller account.

As a general guide, most domains we accept are priced between $2,000 – $4,000. This is the most common purchase point for small businesses and startups looking to buy a new domain. You will see similar averages on other domain marketplaces; roughly 80% of our inventory is at this level.

For a domain to be worth more, it usually has to be one or more of the following:

  • Very short – 4 and 3 letter domains command a significant premium. Good 4-letter domains usually start at $10k.
  • Hot keyword – for example, finance, crypto, drone. The counter to this is there’s usually a LOT of domains being submitted with these words, so your name has to be better than most to be worth listing.
  • Aesthetic appeal – some brandables, despite being invented, are clearly just better words than others – they’re highly pleasant to read, write and say out loud. As a very rough indication, these usually start at double the value of other domains.

We rarely list domains below $2,000, as it is not usually worth the cost of listing (writing a description, designing a logo, promotion etc).