How does the listing process work?

All domains are listed in the same way, although we continue to evolve this over time:


  • Sign up for a free account
  • Submit your domains
  • You’ll be notified by email if your domains are approved or rejected
  • If approved we’ll suggest a price
  • If rejected we’ll give a brief reason why

Your setup

For any domains which are approved:

Our setup

Once the above steps are complete, Brandpa will:

  • Write a description, headline and use cases for each domain.
  • Choose appropriate keywords and industries for each domain.
  • Design a logo for your domain.
  • Review all of the above (via a second person) before listing.


  • Brandpa queue up appropriate advertising and social media posts for individual domains.
  • When a domain is sold, or if you receive serious enquiries, we contact you via email.
  • You can log in to review all of your domains on our seller’s dashboard. This includes stats on each domain such as how many views it has received, and how “hot” it is.