Can I list my domain name elsewhere?

A condition of selling on Brandpa is that your domains are not listed for sale anywhere else, and that you must point your domain to the appropriate page on

If we discover that a domain is listed for sale elsewhere, we will immediately de-list those domains from Brandpa. We reserve the right to remove sellers who do this from our marketplace permanently.

Why do we do this?

  1. Brandpa needs to make sure that if someone buys your domain name, they will receive it. We cannot guarantee a sale if the domain could be sold elsewhere.
  2. Brandpa needs to be the sole negotiating party, or any discussions we have can be contradicted by another seller, almost inevitably resulting in a drawn-out and confusing race-to-the-bottom for price.
  3. All of our costs are covered by commissions on our sales. If a domain is sold elsewhere, that investment is being stolen and we cannot operate as a business.

Consequences of violation

We will remove any offending domains from our marketplace immediately, at which point they cannot be transferred to anyone. If the violation is not corrected within 7 days, we will permanently remove those domains from Brandpa, at which point they cannot be re-listed.

We also reserve the right to ban sellers who abuse these terms.