Accepting a domain transfer in GoDaddy

If you’re receiving a domain name for your GoDaddy account, please follow these instructions.

1. Follow this link to start the transfer process.

2. In the provided box, type in the name you want to transfer to GoDaddy. When done, press Get started.

3. On the next screen, GoDaddy will ask you to provide the authorisation code necessary to initiate the transfer on your end. Copy and paste the code provided by Brandpa

4. Press Continue.

5. Ignore the next screen by pressing Continue. You don’t need to make this name private to continue with the transfer.

6. You’ll now be asked to purchase the transfer with GoDaddy. Simply click Complete purchase. With this purchase, you’re also buying one year of domain hosting.

7. Once done, click on the Manage domains button.

8. Click on Domains > Transfers.

9. You should now see a table with your domain name listed there. Tick off a box next to your name and click Resend transfer IDs. When a pop up window appears click OK. Once done, we’ll receive the Transfer IDs sent to our email. Keep this window open. Don’t close it.

10. Next, click on the little “i” icon next to the red text that says Authorisation code needed and Start transfer now as seen in this screenshot:

11. When you click on Start transfer now you’ll see this window.

12. Click Add Transfer Codes and paste the codes you received from us in the last email in these boxes.

13. Click Add.

14. You’ll then see this screen. Click Next.

15. On this screen, paste the authorisation code sent to you in the first email (that’s the very first code you received from us).

16. Once done, check the I authorise the transfer of all domains in list not on hold box and press Finish. It’ll take between 15 mins – 5 days for the transfer to complete (depending on the registrar).